4B Sporting Club

  • Outdoor Activities, Beach & Pool
  • Saida

4B is a club that has swimming pools for summer and winter, a spa, gym, restaurants, arcade games, and computer games center. Located in Qayyaa, Saida 4B contains a sport academy and teaches the...


Abou Philippe Beach & Resort

  • Beach & Pool
  • Jbeil

A good resort gives you a break from your worries. However, this Beach Resort soars beyond such widely accepted standards. Located on Jbeil's magical shore, Abou Philippe strives to make you...


Al Jisr Beach Club

  • Beach & Pool
  • Damour


Ammos Beach Resort

  • Beach & Pool
  • Khaldeh

Ammos is a swimming resort, restaurant, nightspot and venue located on the beautiful beach of Khaldeh. Serving as a lounge bar, beach bar, Greek restaurant and a party location, Ammos Beach Resort ...


Aqua Marina

  • Beach & Pool
  • Tabarja

The Aqua Marina Beach Resort is a recreation and rest spot located in Tabarja. The resort offers pools and beach access, as well as playgrounds for kids. The resort also rents and sells chalets...


Aquamed Academy

  • Scuba Diving
  • Maameltein

Whether you are a curious beginner, following a life dream or looking for a change of pace, discover a whole new underwater world with the assistance of instructors at Aquamed Academy.


ATCL (Automobile et Touring Club du Liban)

  • Outdoor Activities, Beach & Pool
  • Jounieh

The ATCL (Automobile et Touring Club du Liban) is a club and beach resort that organizes automotive events, sports events and many other festivities throughout the year. The club has its own harbor...


Atlas Beach

  • Beach & Pool
  • Jiyeh

Atlas Beach is sited in a natural amphitheater along the coast. The beach is situated among more than 17,000 meters of flat land. That means no buildings to block your view, just nature. Atlas...


Bain Militaire (Al Hammam Al Aaskary)

  • Beach & Pool
  • El-Manara, Kaslik

Bain Militaire is a sports compound that includes pools, a basketball gym, and access to the beach. It is well suited for families and large groups, lockers are available on demand, and the prices ...


Bamboo Bay

  • Beach & Pool
  • Jiyeh

The idea is Gilbert El Khoury’s brainchild, born in 2002. In synch with the concept creator, Bamboo Bay is the place where pleasure is to be shared by couples, families and friends. Bamboo Bay...