Morgan International

  • Learning Center
  • Downtown


  • Consultancy
  • Hamra

Guerrilla Music

  • Recording Studio, Music Production
  • Hamra

1,2,3 ... Soleil

  • Learning Center
  • Achrafieh

1,2,3...soleil is a daycare that grows, develops and operates in the field of early childhood and preschool. Its personnel is distinguished by applying basic principles based on child's personality...



  • Recreational Rental Service
  • Achrafieh

1DayNomad is an adventure that will take you into the heart of Arab Bedouin traditions in which you will discover and experience a whole new lifestyle of ancient ethnic communities based in...


247 Square

  • Civic Group

A virtual center that is available anytime and anywhere, 247square triangulates your creative interests and puts them in one place. 247square takes a circle of artists and gathered enthusiasts...


3 Axess

  • Consultancy
  • Downtown

3Axess is a Lebanese based consultancy firm that offers services in connection with media production and television integrated software and hardware solutions, local events planning and organization...


33 North

  • Travel Agency

33 North is an experiential tourism tour operator. It reflects Lebanon's geographic coordinates and carries out tours in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Morocco.


3arabiyyat Car Services

  • Auto Service

3arabiyyat Car Services is a team of professionals specialized in the automotive services, striving to offer unique and fundamental services such as regular vehicle check-up and repair if needed. They...



  • Courier
  • Mousseitbeh

3assaree3 is a package delivery company that provides transportation and logistics services in the Lebanese Territories. They operate in a Domestic Package Delivery segment that is involved in the...