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Places :: :: Beirut City Guide

Ages Pub

  • Nightlife
  • Jounieh

Located in the heart of one of the most authentic streets in Lebanon, Ages resto-pub, located in Jounieh's old souk, serves up an amazing atmosphere. Theme Nights: Monday: Shisha Night Tuesday:...


Arak el Rif

  • Recreation
  • Amaret Chalhoub

Located in Nahr-El-Mot, Arak El Rif is the best distillery in Lebanon, skillfully created by the fifth generation of an independent family company, pioneers since 1828. The family describes their...



  • Recreation
  • Bikfaya

Bikfaya is a town in the Metn region of Mount Lebanon. The town is known for its red-tiled roofs and the magnificent view it has of the sea and nearby towns. It is a popular tourist destination during...


Chateau Belle-Vue

  • Recreation
  • Bhamdoun Mahatta

The finest wines tell a story of heritage, passion, or perhaps the quest for that 'perfect vintage'. But only rarely does a wine seek to express their deeply human connection to each other and to the ...


Cirque Du Liban

  • Recreation
  • Mar Mikhael

Cirque Du Liban is the first circus entertainment company created in Lebanon that offers a large variety of shows, parades and all kinds of entertainment for adults and kids. The circus troupe's 25...


Dessau Liquor Garage

  • Nightlife
  • Gemmayzeh

Dessau Liquor Garage is a bar in Beirut, the design of which is very much influenced by the Bauhaus school and offers a wide variety of cocktails, and very special whiskey.



  • Recreation
  • Btater

Ramlieh is a small village, with a population of 1200, located in the Aley district. It is close to the villages of El Mecherfeh and El Gaboun.



  • Recreation
  • Jounieh

A place to renew, recharge and enjoy. Senses is designed to be an urban wellness retreat Whether it's a personal training session, invigorating visits to the steam rooms or body treatments...