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Guide to Loans: Home, Car and Personal Loans from Bands in Lebanon :: :: Beirut City Guide

3ish 3a Kayfak Loan for Private Sector's Employees at Lebanese Swiss Bank

3ish 3a Kayfak loan from LSB is the easiest way to finance your dreams.


3ish 3a Kayfak Loan for Public Sector's Employees at Lebanese Swiss Bank

3ish 3a Kayfak loan from LSB is the easiest way to finance your dreams.


Ameen at Credit Libanais

Our Bank has been a pioneer in offering micro-financing. This activity is in line with our long-term belief that micro-enterprises, like multinationals, are essential to the prosperity and development...


Ameen Loan (Micro Credits) at Fransabank

Credit offered by Ameen Company SAL enables individuals with limited income to benefit from micro to medium sized loans.


Army Housing Loan at Byblos Bank

Byblos Bank appreciates the many sacrifices that members of Lebanon's security forces make in order to help keep the rest of us safe. The Army Housing Loan is their way of saying "thank you".


Auto Finance

Do you want to drive the car of your dreams? Do you need a hassle-free and Sharia compliant auto finance tool? Do you seek flexible payment plans at a competitive profit rate? The Lebanese Islamic ...


B You Loan at Bank of Beirut

If you are looking to renovate your home or treat yourself to a holiday, the Personal Loan from Bank of Beirut is your hassle-free access to the venture of your interest. With an easy application and ...


Basic Personal Loan at Byblos Bank

Your best plans are often the ones you want to carry out straight away. Byblos Bank Personal Loan takes away the frustration of waiting to realize most purposes. With cash in your hand you are in a...


BDL Housing Loan at Lebanese Swiss Bank

In collaboration with Banque Du Liban (BDL), Lebanese Swiss Bank offers a housing program.


BDL Special Housing Loan at Credit Libanais

Home sweet home Your dream home doesn't have to be a dream anymore. Credit Libanais offers you the opportunity to buy a primary residence with preferential interest rate, no fees and no...