Tensions running high in Ain al Hilweh

Rival Palestinian groups Fatah and Jund al-Sham are set for another confrontation in Sidon’s notorious refugee camp, after the former blocked the northwest entrance to Ain al-Hilweh Thursday.


Lebanese Army discovers explosive belt in Arsal

Lebanon's Army Intelligence discovered at the entrance of the northeastern border town of Arsal an explosive belt, the state-run National News Agency reported Thursday.


Galaxy S6 Fails to Reverse Profit Decline at Samsung

Samsung Electronics suffered a fifth straight drop in quarterly earnings as the Galaxy S6 failed to reverse its declining fortunes in global smartphone sales.The company's overall earnings drop during the April-June quarter was 8 percent but it reported a much bigger decline of 38 percent in the mobile division's income. The sharp profit drop in...


Ultra-local 'Facebook' turning city neighbours into friends

Perched on makeshift seats next to a buffet with fresh fruit, elderflower cordial and homemade muffins, neighbours laugh and chat on a leafy patch amid modern apartment blocks in Vienna's 15th district.


بري: جريمة خطف الصدر ورفيقيه حصلت في ليبيا

  أكد رئيس مجلس النواب نبيه بري في بيان أنه “في اطار متابعة قضية تغييب الامام السيد موسى الصدر ورفيقيه، تم تحقيق انجاز هام مؤخرا، تمثل في قيام القضاء الايطالي بالرجوع عن خطيئة قرار كان قد...


Greek PM tries to rein in leftists in party battle

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras's divided leftist Syriza party met Thursday to thrash out its differences amid a mounting rebellion by far-left lawmakers who accuse the party of betraying its anti-austerity roots.


Four civilians reported killed in Ukraine fighting

Four civilians were killed in intense shelling attacks between the Ukrainian army and pro-Russian rebels in the separatist east of the war-torn state, officials from both sides said Thursday.


Taipei mayor won't publicly back 'One China,' Shanghai forum at risk

An annual forum between the mayors of Shanghai and Taipei might not take place as scheduled this year because the mayor of the Taiwan capital will not publicly endorse Beijing's "One China" principle.


الرهبانية الأنطونية ترد على “الجديد”: معلوماتكم عارية عن الصحة

  أوضحت الرهبانية الأنطونية رداً على التقرير الذي عرضته قناة الجديد في نشرتها المسائية يوم أمس والتي قالت فيه إنه يتم طمر النفايات في أراضي دير مار روكز الدكوانة، مقر الرئاسة العامة...


“الكنيست” أقرّ الاطعام القسري للاسرى الفلسطينيين

صادق “الكنيست الاسرائيلي” على قانون يتيح الاطعام القسري للاسرى المضربين عن الطعام حين تكون حياتهم معرضة للخطر، او يواجهون مشاكل صحية مزمنة، وقد أقر القانون بأغلبية 46 صوتا مقابل 40...