Varoufakis Urges 'Intelligent' Debt Restructuring

Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis called Monday for \"intelligent\" restructuring of Greece's debt, while acknowledging that a write-down would be unacceptable for the country's creditors.\"A 'haircut' is a dirty word. I've learned that,\" Varoufakis told the German business daily Handelsblatt. 


EU Hopes for 'Positive Outcome' in Russia-Ukraine Gas Talks

The EU said it hoped for a \"positive outcome\" in talks in Brussels on Monday between the Russian and Ukrainian energy ministers aimed at resolving a gas supply dispute threatening deliveries to Europe.Russian state-owned gas giant Gazprom threatened last week to cut deliveries to Ukraine and divert supplies instead to eastern parts of the country...


"قوات" أوروبا: نستقبل ريفي كما نستقبل الحكيم

في جولة يقوم بها وزيرالعدل اللواء أشـرف ريفي إلى أوروبا وخلال وجوده في بلجيكا، إستقبل رئيـس مقاطعة أوروبا المهندس إيلي عبد الحي ومنسـق بلجيكا الدكتور كارلوس كيروز في مقر إقامته في العاصمة...


IAEA says Iran still withholding key information

The head of the United Nations' nuclear watchdog says Iran had still not handed over key information to his staff, and his body's investigation into Tehran's atomic program could not continue indefinitely


Israel says it foiled Gaza smuggling ring helping Hamas

Israel says it has foiled a ring that smuggled iron, electronic equipment and other prohibited materials to Hamas to rebuild its infrastructure following last year's war


Turkey's Erdogan to talk to central bank governor, warns of 'treason'

Defending high interest rates is tantamount to treason, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan warns, and says the governor of the central bank and deputy prime minister in charge of the economy needed to 'shape up'


Karl Lagerfeld: Show mom some love

For the mother’s day occasion, Karl Lagerfeld is presenting his new SS15 accessories collection. Reciprocate your mother’s love through comfortable espadrilles, square scarfs to bags in the new Karl Kolors that every



The Iraqi armed forces backed by Shiite militias launched a major military operation to seize the ISIS-held city of Tikrit north of Baghdad in the largest government offensive yet against the militant group.


Smog Film Goes Viral in China with 155 mn Views in One Day

An online documentary on China's notorious smog has become a viral sensation with more than 155 million views just one day after it was released, state media said Monday.Under the Dome, a documentary privately produced by Chai Jing, a former anchor with state broadcaster China Central Television, detailed causes of atmospheric pollution in the...


Rio's 450th Birthday Bash is a Piece of Cake

Rio de Janeiro showed Sunday that partying really is a piece of cake, as residents tucked into a monster birthday confection to mark the Brazilian city's 450th anniversary.Those adverse to carbs should look away now: the 450-meter (500-yard) cake was made with 2.5 tons of flour, 2.1 tons of sugar, 1.5 tons of margarine, 3,000 eggs, 1,000 liters...