Barca goalkeeper Bravo injured with 2 rounds left for title

Barcelona says goalkeeper Claudio Bravo has injured his right leg with two more rounds left to decide the Spanish league title


المطران عوده: لانتخاب الرئيس أولا وعدم استرهان الوطن لمصالح خارجية

أشار متروبوليت بيروت وتوابعها للروم الأرثوذكس المطران الياس عوده خدمة إلى أنه في لبنان امتحان طال كثيرا، إذ الدولة بلا رأس منذ أكثر من سنتين والجميع يدرك الخلل في عمل المؤسسات وتعطل الحياة...


4 Yemen troops dead as Aden police chief survives bombing

Four Yemeni guards were killed in a bombing that targeted the convoy of Aden's police chief, officials said, the second such attack on him in the southern city this week


Russia says talks under way to agree freeze in fighting in Aleppo province

Russia said Sunday that talks were under way to agree a freeze in fighting in Aleppo province after the United States demanded that the Syrian government halt their bombardment there


Turkey detains 4 extremists 'planning Ankara May Day attack'

Turkish police Sunday detained four suspected ISIS militants who were allegedly planning an attack on May Day celebrations in the capital Ankara, the state-run Anatolia news agency said


Iraq Forces Recapture IS-Held Town

Iraqi Kurdish and Turkmen Shiite forces have recaptured the town of Bashir from the Islamic State jihadist group, officials said on Sunday.Pressure for an operation to retake the town had grown in March after IS launched a chemical attack from Bashir on the nearby town of Taza that killed at least three children.


Labor Reforms Fire up May Day Rallies in France, S.Korea

France braced Sunday for violence at May Day rallies where workers are fired up over labor reforms, while similar fears of eroding rights sent tens of thousands into the streets of South Korea.From Moscow to Marseille, protests were expected in cities across the globe to celebrate Labor Day as the working classes battle economic crises and...


Iran Parliament Urges Ballistic Missile Improvements

Iran's outgoing parliament approved a motion Sunday to increase the capabilities of the country's ballistic missiles, a military program that has been ruled dangerous by the United Nations.Tehran considers the missile program an essential deterrent, citing the unprovoked attacks on its cities by former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein in the nations' ...


بوتين يعزل مسؤولين أمنيين كبارا

عزل الرئيس الروسي فلاديمير بوتين مسؤولين كبار في أجهزة إنفاذ القانون، السبت، في أحد أكبر التعديلات في هياكل السلطة في روسيا في السنوات الأخيرة.وبموجب مرسوم نُشر في البوابة القانونية الرسمية...


Lebanon communists mark Labor Day with call for secular state

The newly-elected head of the Lebanese Communist Party launched a scathing attack against the country’s ruling elite at a Labor Day rally Sunday, calling for the complete overhaul of the political system and the establishment of a secular state.