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Nightlife, Bars and Best Pubs to Party in Lebanon :: :: Beirut City Guide

Metro Al Madina

  • Entertainment Venue, Pub
  • Hamra

100% Pub

  • Pub
  • Jbeil

Located in the bustling nightlife scene of Byblos, 100% Pub is the ideal place to have a few drinks with old friends and dance the night away with new ones.


6th Avenue

  • Pub
  • Downtown

Located in the downtown area, 6th Avenue is a pub with a large front porch that easily fits around ten tables. Pass by and grab a drink with your friends or come spend a lazy post-work evening in this...



  • Restaurant, Pub
  • Hamra

9:30 bar and grill in Hamra is all about a fun, fashionable atmosphere with flavorful and reasonably-priced cocktails. Please Note: The 9:30 bar and grill is now closed for renovation. It is set ...


A GoGo

  • Pub
  • Jounieh

A GoGo Resto-Bar is a breath of fresh air in the Old Souks in the City of Jounieh. Whether you are enjoying their great weekdays cocktails, hitting the dance floor while their resident or guest DJs...


Abbey Road Beirut

  • Pub
  • Mar Mikhael

Abbey Road serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner with coffee and drinks to accommodate you at any time of day. Soft tunes, perfect drinks, and fantastic food make for a chilled out mood. Perfect for...


Abu Elie

  • Pub
  • Karakas

The bright red walls in this Hamra pub are barely visible, hidden behind flags and memorabilia from the Lebanese National Movement. They also feature hundreds of photos, postcards and posters of...


Akros Lounge

  • Nightclub
  • Hamra

Located on the 10th floor of an expansive building, Akros Lounge is a penthouse pub-restaurant. With an intimate venue with friendly staff, they're known to host some of the best parties on the Beirut...


Al Awwal

  • Restaurant, Pub
  • Sanayeh

Located in Zico House, an old Beiruti building of 1935, Al Awwal is a cafe' with a garden and a relaxing atmosphere that provides internet connection. They serve drinks and food from the house...


Al Jazz Club

  • Pub
  • Hamra

Al Jazz Club is open as a venue for special events. Come enjoy the old taste of Hamra street while stepping into Al Jazz Club, and don't miss out on singing karaoke on weekdays and some disco fun on...