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People :: :: Beirut City Guide

5 seKonds late

  • Band

5 seKonds late a band is made up of friends who have played together in an assortment of occasions and musical gigs over the years. The members bring their various musical backgrounds to the table to ...


Abdo Feghali

  • Noteworthy

Abdo Feghali is a pro racer and drifter who was also the track designer and organizer of Red Bull Car Park Drift in Lebanon and the Middle East from 2008 to 2011. He has won numerous championships ...


Abdul Rahman Katanani

  • Artist

Beirut-born Palestinian artist Abdul Rahman Katanani’s work intensely depicts the tragedy of his fellow Palestinian refugees, yet never delivers evidently sad or depressing messages. Katanani uses...



  • Band

Beirut's music scene has been swarming with fresh talents and emerging bands. Among the most promising of them on the classic rock and blues scene are Addict. The local band, comprised of 3 members,...


Adnan Mansour

  • Politician
  • Achrafieh

Born in 1946, Adnan Hassan Mansourwas appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs & Emigrants in June 2011. He received a degree in Administrative Sciences and Policies from the St. Joseph University in ...



  • Band

Adonis is a musical project that came to life on the rooftop of an anonymous building in an anonymous Northern suburb, as a response to the glutinous swamp of silicone and mediocrity that is flooding ...


Afro-Beat Collective

  • Band

Afro-Beat Collective is newly born. Coming from different origins but with the same passion for African beats they aim to develop and encourage all kinds of music and art that find their roots in the ...


Ahmad Karami

  • Politician

June 2011: Appointed Minister of State under Prime Minister Najib Mikati.


Ahmed Zidan

  • Blogger, Contributor, Journalist

Ahmed Zidan is a freelance journalist and translator from Egypt. Follow him on Twitter @zidanism.


Alaeddine Terro

  • Politician

Born in the year 1953, he is a member of the “progressive socialist party” June 2011: appointed Minister for the Displaced under Prime Minister Najib Mikati.