247 Square

  • Civic Group

A virtual center that is available anytime and anywhere, 247square triangulates your creative interests and puts them in one place. 247square takes a circle of artists and gathered enthusiasts...


A Positive Way

  • Associations & NGO's
  • Chyiah

A Positive Way is a Lebanese humanitarian organization that consists of youth volunteers from the areas of Ain el Remmaneh, Chiah and Ghobeiry. It aims to provide educational and vocational awareness...



  • Associations & NGO's
  • Furn El Chebbak

Abaad is a non-profit, non-politically affiliated, non-religious civil association that aims to achieve gender equality as an essential condition to sustainable social and economic development in the ...


Abundant Life Church

  • Place of Worship
  • Bourj Hammoud

Abundant Life Church is a non denominational charismatic church affiliated to the Supreme Council of the Evangelical Denomination of Lebanon and Syria. Founded by Senior Pastor Chady El-Aouad on the...


Achrafieh 2020

  • Civic Group
  • Achrafieh

Achrafieh 2020 is an apolitical long-term (8 years) environmental driven initiative by MP Nadim Gemayel. It’s objective is to reinvent Achrafieh as a livable, breathable, welcoming and friendly...


Achrafieh Stairs

  • Civic Group

Dedicated to Achrafieh’s past, present and future, this portal is a new and unique concept where you will find all you need to know about Achrafieh, Saifi, Rmeil and Medawwar, whether it is a...



  • Associations & NGO's
  • Awkar

Acsauvel is a civil association for the safeguarding of human rights in Lebanon. The first goal of the association is to develop the autonomy and social integration of every person that attends...


Act for the Disappeared

  • Associations & NGO's

Act for the Disappeared was formed by a group of independent activists not affiliated with any political parties. The movement was launched during the two-day event held on the occasion of the...



  • Associations & NGO's
  • Badaro

Adyan is a Lebanese foundation for interfaith studies and spiritual solidarity. It was founded on 6 August 2006 by members from Christian and Muslim denominations. Adyan is an independent...


Agile Lebanon

  • Associations & NGO's
  • Hamra

Agile Lebanon strives to support the agile management community in Lebanon and in the Middle East in its efforts to improve the efficiency and performance of the software and service industry. It...