The Corniche

  • Public Space
  • El-Manara

7D Cinema

  • Amusement Center
  • Hadeth

Located in Karout Mall, 7D Cinema is an entertaining experience where you can relax in comfort and watch high-quality movies that run between 7 and 10 minutes in length.


Abou Philippe Beach & Resort

  • Beach & Pool
  • Jbeil

A good resort gives you a break from your worries. However, this Beach Resort soars beyond such widely accepted standards. Located on Jbeil's magical shore, Abou Philippe strives to make you...



  • Vineyard
  • Ghazir

ADYAR, simply means ''Monasteries'' in arabic. Unlike others, Adyar is not simply a Lebanese Wine, Adyar is a great ‘’Vin de terroir’’. Its vineyards and wineries are located in different...


Ain Zhalta

  • Public Space
  • Barouk

Ain Zhalta is a traditional mountain village located in the Chouf district, rich with history and natural wonders. The village is a full service touristic destination, with a beautiful view of the...



  • Public Space
  • Zgharta

Aitou is a village located in the Zgharta district of North Lebanon.



  • Public Space
  • Akoura

Akoura is a village located in the Jbeil district. The village's beautiful natural environment makes it a prime location for tourists.


Al Assi River

  • Public Space
  • Bekka

Al Assi River is a natural stream of water, that is prized for its harsh currents and rocky path, which makes it the dream destination for rafting aficionados. Unlike other rivers, Al Assi offers...


Al Jabal Club

  • Public Space
  • Qattin

Al Jabal Club, located in Hiyata, Mount Lebanon, is a club that hosts cultural, sports, and social events.


Al Jisr Beach Club

  • Beach & Pool
  • Damour