1188 Restaurant-Lounge

  • Restaurant
  • Jbeil

The fence of the historic city of Byblos forms the main wall of the Eleven88 Restaurant. The Eleven88 is a several centuries-old stone house turned into a restaurant, where distinguished French...


190 Urban Sushi

  • Restaurant
  • Badaro, Dbayeh

190 Urban Sushi is a new and trendy Japanese concept that offers its guests a particular experience by infusing traditional ingredients with international plates yet offering items that are favored by...


309 restopub

  • Restaurant
  • Hamra

Our restaurant welcomes you with the finest and freshest cuisine where the entire staff makes sure every guest enjoys a delicious meal. A great variety of salads, main dishes, and desserts are served.


365 Restaurant

  • Restaurant
  • Dbayeh

With their signature Plat du Jour and varied menu with home-style cooking, they serve food that can be enjoyed 365 times a year as 365 separate days of flavors waiting to be discovered.


3a Terrasse

  • Restaurant
  • Broummana

The name says it all, 3a Terrasse will allow you to savor the global flavors of the world while you never miss a summer breeze with your friends and family.


3a Zaw2ak

  • Cafe, Restaurant
  • Hamra

3a Zaw2ak by Ka3kaya is an inviting Lebanese restaurant serving delicious meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Don't forget to enjoy their tasty shishas.


3al Ba7er

  • Restaurant
  • Koura

Snack 3al Ba7er offers a wide range of sandwiches and snacks.


3al Zahlewe

  • Restaurant
  • Sin El-Fil

3al Zahlewe is a great place to grab a BBQ sandwich. 3al Zahlewe is carrying the traditional simple recipe using nothing but great meat and good charcoal.



  • Cafe, Restaurant
  • Kaslik

3Alyamine is a Lebanese restaurant and cafe that serves Oriental and European food. Guests will enjoy signature comfort foods in big portions and an extensive selection of drinks from their...


3arayes Restaurant

  • Restaurant
  • Chyiah

A contemporary Lebanese restaurant ready to cater to your personal lifestyle, 3arayes Restaurant has it all—from soft pastry day-starters to irresistible shawarma and BBQ grills—all prepared on...