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Guide to Shopping in Shops and Malls in Lebanon :: :: Beirut City Guide


  • Home Appliances
  • Downtown, Hazmieh

Samsung Service Center

  • Service Center, Computers & Devices
  • Amaret Chalhoub

ABC Mall

  • Mall
  • Achrafieh


  • Accessories
  • Sin El-Fil

0123 imports the best brands that provides you with innovative, functional and attractive products that are the best for your baby. 0123 offers European and North American brands from leaders who are ...


2 Zareh

  • Clothing
  • Hamra

2 Zareh is a boutique in Hamra, where you can find the latest designs in fashion.



  • Clothing
  • Achrafieh

2Pieces is a small shop located in Achrafieh. Consisting mostly of bikinis of European and South American styles, these suits are specially decorated with exotic and brilliant colors. They also...


3F Electronics

  • Computers & Devices
  • Hamra, Zarif

Your ultimate technology store, 3F Electronics is a Lebanese company located in Beirut. This company was created by brothers, each of which is specialized in a field related to the activity of the...


4 Office

  • Furniture
  • Achrafieh

Good design and comfort should be available to everyone, everywhere! That's why you should visit 4 Office and benefit from its wide office furniture collection and check its different brands such as...


44 Souk An Najjarin

  • Antiques & Collectibles
  • Saifi

Having a vast passion for her job, Nadia El Khoury pushed the adventure further and opened “44 Souk An Najjarin”. Located in the Saifi village in the heart of Beirut city, you can find home...


460 The Multimedia Store

  • Computers & Devices
  • Achrafieh, Sin El-Fil

Computer Retail Store offering the world's leading IT brands. You can find at our stores the latest products from Apple, Toshiba, HP, Canon, Epson, Microsoft & Symantec. 460 The Multimedia Store...