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Sports and Activities :: :: Beirut City Guide

A Day in the Heart of Baalbek

Beirut Elite Fighting Championship

  • Martial Arts

The BEFC is Lebanon's first mixed martial arts league. It features the best Lebanese fighters and from all over the world. BEFC aims to host the most exciting MMA fights in the Middle-East, featuring ...


Beirut on Ice at City Mall

Bike Generation

  • Bicycle Rentals, Biking
  • Tayouneh

Bike Generation is a group of friends with a common passion for cycling - firmly committed to turning Beirut into a bicycle-friendly city - who decided to set up their own professional cycling shop in...


Charly's Gym

  • Gyms & Studios, Martial Arts
  • Mtaileb

Charly's gym is the place to stay in shape, as it provides for a variety of different programs and classes. They have radical fitness classes are like Powercardio, X55 and Fight Do as well as a Zumba ...


Cheetah Fighting Club

  • Martial Arts
  • Burj Abi Haidar

Cheetah Fighting Club offers a variety of programs like MMA, Fitness and Cardio, Stretching and pilates, self defense and weight loss.

  • Rock Climbing is a non-profit website aiming at promoting and developing rock climbing in Lebanon. Their site was put up by the efforts of the community of rock climbers in Lebanon. A group...


Dbayeh Country Club

  • Horseback Riding
  • Dbayeh

Since 1971, horse enthusiasts have been heading over to the Dbayeh Country Club to delight in equestrian sports. If you're not a professional horseback rider, there's nothing to fear, because trainers...


Easter Monday Hike in Tannourine Nature Reserve

Hoops Club

  • Gyms & Studios, Basketball, Tennis, Football
  • Antelias, Ghobeiry, Hazmieh

Hoops is a club where the youth get the opportunity to discover the physical and moral benefits of sports. Hoops Club offers a wide range of sport activities for amateurs, professionals, children and ...