Abdulsalam Shalashtein

  • Beirut.com staff member

Perfect manifestation of the Arab Geek. Shalashtein is a 20-year-old Computer Science student, when he's not working as an online producer here at Beirut.com, Shalashtein is either watching a marvel...


Ahmad Tahan

  • Beirut.com staff member, Director, Photographer

Ahmad Tahan is the Events Coordinator and Researcher at Beirut.com since August 2014. He's a movie-addict, a filmmaker and director. Radio, TV and film student at the American University of Science...


Angie Nassar

  • Beirut.com staff member, Writer

Angie Nassar was the former executive editor at Beirut.com from June 2012 to July 2015. She previously worked as a journalist and blogger at the Arabic-English news website NOW Lebanon from 2009 to...


Beirut.com Staff Writer

  • Beirut.com staff member


Christina Fakhry

  • Beirut.com Contributor

Christina is a psycho-stylistically accomplished word bender on a perpetual quest for extra brackets. When not busy mediating charged intellectual conflicts between her imaginary selves, she finds...



  • Musician, Beirut.com staff member

If there's one guy who defines Lebanon's hip hop scene, it's Syrian-Filipino rapper Chyno. Following his success in the regionally-renowned band, Fareeq el Atrash, Chyno is set to release his EP,...


Crystal Chehade

  • Beirut.com staff member

Crystal is currently a sales executive at Beirut.com. She studied Hospitality Management and graduated in 2009 from Sagesse University in collaboration with Ecole Hoteliere de Lausane...


Danielle Issa

  • Blogger, Beirut.com Contributor

Danielle was born into a Lebanese household in Southern California. Growing up, she constantly found herself living between two realities: outwardly, she was an American girl who loved swinging on the...


Fateema Makki

  • Beirut.com staff member

Fateema is currently the assistant editor at Beirut.com. At the same time, she is currently earning a master's degree in English Literature from the Lebanese University. She has been working in the...


Jad Baaklini

  • Beirut.com Contributor

Jad is interested in art, cities and politics. He has written for Hibr, TheState, The Outpost and Jadaliyya.