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Editor's Notes :: Blogs, Articles, and Featured Stories :: :: Beirut City Guide is Hiring an Assistant Editor

Position available: Assistant editor at Description: As part of a small team, the assistant editor at will be responsible for editing all content published to the website,... is Hiring an Arts and Culture Reporter

  • Editor's Notes
  • on Apr 17, 2013

Job Opening: Full-time Arts and Culture reporter at Description: As an arts and culture reporter at, you will be responsible for pitching stories and writing a minimum of ...


Tourist Guide to Lebanon

Here you’ll find basic information, resources and tips to start planning your trip to Lebanon. Browse through the slideshow and click on the subjects you want to know more about.


Plan Your Trip to Lebanon: The Basics

1. Visas International visitors to Lebanon must carry a valid passport and, if required, a visa. For more information, click here. 2. The Weather Lebanon’s Mediterranean climate stays...


The Cheapest New Year's Eve Party in Beirut

Stop complaining about how expensive New Year's Eve can be and just follow this easy three step plan to the cheapest New Year's Eve party in Beirut. Step 1. Acquire one of these bad boys. Step 2. ...