Ginane Makki Bacho gave her series the title "Clouds of Memory" because these images express her visions, her reminiscences, her visual images but without precision or accuracy, as if time has erased the details keeping only the feelings alive. The artist describes further:

“Diversified in their approaches, "Clouds of Memory" reflect however my response to the world I live in. The urban landscapes seen beneath the clouds from all the planes I took during my life, the memories of the perils of war, the myths, all flooded-with different-forms of visual expressions taken from my scrapbooks, all these elements are in relationship with my personal artwork revolving about the Memory hidden or perceived under the clouds of all my skies in time and space.

My art is self-referential and revolves in essence about Memory...In my turbulent but rich life, having lived in five countries and three continents, I not only appropriated the different cultures but also the surrounding landscapes and the houses I lived in. I feel there is inside me a piece of each place, some memories of experiences lived or spectacles watched or even some flavors and tastes of the daily life that may seem ordinary to others. Kuwait where I lived in the seventies before the war broke out in Lebanon as well as the years of my childhood in my native city Beirut, remain my golden memories whenever I try to escape from reality since those were the years of happiness, peace, of no worries of 1975 the war broke out in Lebanon changing my life tremendously. Ever since, my journey of instability started across continents.

Memories live wholly in my mind. Time makes them intermingled, true but surreal, alive but unreachable. They emerge to the surface from a note, color. A sign could trigger the reminiscence and evolves deep inside me, through association of reverie and truth, shaping me, shaping the papers, questioning me, questioning the paper...

Therefore my Art stands as a general questioning of the senses and values that go beyond notions. It is what leads me to see beyond the usual through a system of images, lines, representations; I use these elements and all materials in my work intentionally or unintentionally to suggest a feeling or mood; to convey an idea or just to remember or revive some memories.”

Clouds of Memory

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