Mario Saba was born in Tripoli, Lebanon, and studied interior decoration and architecture before specializing in painting in Russia.

Saba considers himself an experimental artist and has explored a variety of techniques and artistic approaches, such as painting, photography, and mixed media installations. Through his art, he seeks to express the memories of the Lebanese civil war in the post-conflict period. His paintings often take as a starting point an architectural rendering of an urban scene, which he overlays with abstract symbols and sometimes written words. In installations such as The Temple, Saba uses metal, electronic appliances, video and sound to create utopias of war that reference ancient myths, in this instance the story of the city of Babylon.

Saba has also worked in graphic design for Lebanese television stations, magazines and publishing houses, and taught art installation for movies at Kaslik University in Lebanon.

His solo shows have taken place in Beirut and London. Since 1992, he has also participated in collective exhibitions in Lebanon, Dubai, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Paris, Brussels and Varna (Bulgaria).

Mario Saba

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MENASArt Fair 2011 Exhibition (Art)


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