After a long day of stress at work and endless nagging from your douchy boss, you'd expect your sibling/parent/significant other to be there for you when you need to blow off some steam. However, the latter is preoccupied in his/her own world, and doesn't seem to be interested in your endless complaining. Add to that the frenzied traffic jams, the suffocating sun, that pesky neighbor who loves to play death metal at 3 in the morning, and you get a hellish combination that would drive any sane being to the edge of his mental health.

In comes "nba3asna", a safe haven for you to project your endless nagging. Albeit, you'll have to endure nagging from other people as well, but we guarantee you'll feel much better when you do, as your problems will seem like a picnic next to the issues other people face.

The rules are simple: No religion, no politics, and no login.


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