Zee Gallery offers a wide variety of antique and modern furniture, Asian art de la table, Vietnamese modern paintings, Chinese antique statues, decorative objects with organic ingredients, as well as antique Indonesian pottery and ceramics.

The gallery is a place of contrasts, bringing together old and new, tradition and innovation, antique and modern, extravagant and simple.

The antiques date back to the Ming Dynasty (17th and 18th centuries), while some designs are from Filipino and Vietnamese designers in the 20th and 21th centuries.

  • Operating Hours:
    Mondays to Fridays from 10:00 till 20:00
    Saturdays from 10:00 till 14:00
Zee Gallery

Addresses and Contacts

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    Pasteur Street Gemmayzeh Tel.: +9611567427
    Mob.: +9613839868



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