An established artist born in Montreal, Canada, Primeau received a scholarship and graduated from Los Angeles University before she moved to the United Arab Emirates 4 years ago, where she resides now. Through her paintings, she expresses her experiences and perception of the world from the standpoint of a woman, a communicator and a creative thinker.

Living in this emerging region has inspired her and allowed her to realize her vision of herself as a woman, by pursuing her dreams and inspiration with passion and dedication. She draws from the maturity of this region that she believes is the true land of opportunity and describes it as a place with composed strength, elegance, majestic vision and unlimited space as wide as the desert and just as open in all directions.

Primeau finds that globalization paved the way for cultural expansion and enabled artists to tap into their vast inner lands of emotions to express the essence of diversity using their own individual intuition, dreams and emotions.

The elements she uses in her paintings reflect her profound passion for people and the universe, and depict her feelings and perspective channeled directly from her heart to her hands. As she continues to experience the world through her canvas, colors, light, texture and movement, her greatest source of inspiration remains people.

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