Celebrated Saudi Artist and director of Cube Arts Lulwah Al Homoud talks to Beirut.com about her participation in the MENASART Fair 2011.

Curated by Cube Arts, NABATT features works involving visual arts, music and literature, each of them being a catalyst speeding up the creative movement among Saudi artists. The diversity of media creates an intriguing crossover illustrating the vivid cultural engagement within the Saudi art scene. The artists focus their work on the issue of globalization, a word that describes the continuous reciprocal reshaping that the local and the global wield on one another, which has become a central issue of art and culture in the 21st century.

┬źNABATT: A Sense of Being┬╗ explores us and our surroundings. It has its main point of reference in the authentic cultural code that originates from an ancient period of time of the Arabian Peninsula. Its aim is to show art that discusses the very characteristics of human life, the relationships between diverse cultures and a common belonging to the world - either as single individuals - a social group or a community. The re-discussion of the meaning of contemporary life happens thanks to the de-codification of the global topic of urban living through regional cultural codes.

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