Hossa Saed El Sabah chats to Beirut.com during the MENASart Fair 2011. Ms. Sabah introduces us to the Dar Al Funoon gallery highlighting on some of the nationalities of the exhibitors, and emphasizing on the importance of the presence of Arabic artists in the fair as well as the art scene in general.

Dar Al Funoon was established in 1994 in the traditional courtyard houses of Kuwait City. Ever since,Dar Al Funoon has been committed to supporting emerging and vibrant Arab contemporary art. All kinds of art in various content are introduced to the gallery’s visitors; paintings, drawings, sculpture, installations, crafts and industrial or decorative pieces.
Since 1997 Dar Al Funoon have showcased established artists in the world of Arab art such as Amin El Bacha, Dia Azzawi, Omar El Nagdi, Hrair, Rashed Diab and Rahim Sharif together with the young and thriving artists including Jamal Abdulrahim, Mohammad Abu El Naga, and Hamza Bunoua to name a few.

Dar Al Funoon’s main role is to increase awareness in the local art market by exhibiting fascinating and diverse facets of art from the region, as well as to encourage young talents to reach beyond the boundaries of their traditional art.

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