"Lebanon's Got Talent" author and Mokbel Art Collection co-founder Nadine Mokbel talks to Beirut.com about her newly-released book during the MENASart Fair 2011.

“Lebanon’s Got Talent” aims to introduce children to the art world and different types of Lebanese paintings, showing them how to appreciate art and become familiar with Lebanese modern and contemporary artists.Founded by Johnny & Nadine Mokbel in 1998, this precious collection of hand picked masterpieces has now become a multinational project dedicated to supporting already established Lebanese talent, as well as promoting new Lebanese artists on their rise to fame. From artists like Paul Guiragossian , Shafik Abboud, and Jamil Molaeb to Ayman Baalbaki and Benoit Debbane, a diverse assemblage of different styles and eras come together in this impressive gallery.

The Mokbel Art Collection views its commitment to Lebanese art as a social responsibility and is currently working on more efforts to encourage young talented upcoming Lebanese artists, whose artwork is part of The Mokbel Art Collection, by increasing their exposure to the Art World and introducing their brilliant work to the public. Already quite a few names have achieved great recognition and admiration for their work due to The Mokbel Art Collection project, who ensures exclusively hand picked fine paintings.

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