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Fareeq El Atrash captured the audience with their live hip hop sound, laced with neo-soul, Funk, and rock. They also captured their mind with the lyrical content of the songs that cover personal storytelling through relationships and romance, to current social issues and political diatribes.

Fareeq El Atrash is a band that embodies a generation’s state of mind. They are grounded in Beirut but their message and style is universal: Lyrical and musical Protest! Their debut album is a product of some of the toughest times in Lebanon in recent memory, but at the same time it will make you nod your head and stomp your feet on the dance floor because of the summery and joyous feel it projects. Unlike other rap groups that rely on techniques of sampling and the use of digital sounds, Fareeq El Atrash is primarily a live band that uses real instruments (bass, saxophone, trumpet, drums, percussion, guitar, keyboard and others).


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