An atypical American designer to begin with, Hilfiger's signature style first started to take form - in what would eventually become the benchmark for today's quintessential street wear - in the early 90s, but his rise to prominence started all the way back in the '70s.

Nowadays Thomas Jacob Hilfiger's company, Tommy Hilfiger Inc., is a multi-billion dollar business, which has a number of product lines including jeans, fragrances, kids, home, golf, plus men and women wear.

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Tommy Hilfiger

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    Abc Mall Achrafieh Tel.: +9611212888 (Ext. 2103)
    Tel.: +9611212888 (Ext. 2200)
    Tel.: +9611212888 (Ext. 2003)

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    Beirut Souks Downtown Tel.: +9611972591

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    City Mall Sea Side Tel.: +961898341

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