As Beirut progresses with its reconstruction, a sense of renewal and integration brings with it the need to come to terms with the past. Hadiqat As-Samah, or Garden of Forgiveness, is envisioned as a place of calm reflection, sheltered from the bustle of the city and expressing themes of understanding, forgiveness and unity.

Nestled between mosques and churches, and integrating archeological remains of surviving city layers, Hadiqat As-Samah will offer unique insights into earlier civilizations, demonstrating a shared ancestry that predates the recent conflict. By displaying these layers of civilizations, the garden will use foundations of the past to build foundations for the future.

The theme of the garden has grown out of Lebanon's unique situation, as country and people come to terms with their immediate past. In its proximity to the wartime Green Line that divided the city and became the focus of conflict, Hadiqat As-Samah will challenge the segregation of communities and provide a meeting point for diverse communities and beliefs, where individuals can reflect on their collective memory and perhaps nurture a renewed sense of common identity.

The Garden of Forgiveness - Nouriyeh Shrine

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    Nijmeh Square Downtown


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when can we visit the garden of forgiveness ??

Monique Prenderville on Jul 16, 2014 via web