The Weeping Willow stands strong to this day as one of the most influential and controversial metal bands in Lebanon. With a relentlessly brutal sound and uncompromisingly innovative lyrics, The Weeping Willow helped set the standards for Metal in Lebanon over a decade ago and have maintained those standards ever since.

Emerging from the time when Rock & Metal were Taboo and remained underground, The Weeping Willow began life in 1996 under the moniker, Opposites. Consisting of Garo (Guitars), Geno (Vocals), and Clement (former Guitarist but a lifetime member nonetheless). Opposites commanded a local cult following with their extreme brand of black metal, with influences such as Emperor, Naglfar, and Dissection, among others.

In 1998, the line-up was complete; several new members defined what is now The Weeping Willow. With Marco (Keyboards), Khalil (Bass) Pierre on drums and Farid (second vocals). A number of concerts and gigs, not to mention original materials highlighted their debut.

The Weeping Willow's blistering journey faced enormous challenges, due to the Metal censorship and musical conflicts among the band, which led Farid, Pierre, and Khalil to leave the band. Marco switched to bass and Rafik became the drummer in the year 2000. That was the turning point for the band; they took a deep breath and showed their true colors. After the departure of former members, they changed to death metal, mainly influenced by old school death metal bands that they were raised on such as: Morbid Angel, Unleashed, Obituary, and Benediction among others.

In 2001, The Weeping Willow released their demo album Garden of Misery which was an instant success, further establishing The Weeping Willow's furious musical intensity and rebellious stance, and securing The Weeping Willow's place at the forefront of the Lebanese Death Metal scene.

On September 2004, Weeping Willow released their second album "Mentally Decayed" in Rock Fest, and Virgin Megastore.

In June 2006, Weeping Willow opened for the Finnish band Apocalyptica, and in July 2006 performed in Rock Nation with Macbeth. Joseph had to leave in 2006 and that is when former Armageddon guitarist Elias Njeim stepped in.

During the Beirut Rock Fest 2009, they opened up for Finnish rock band To/Die/For, and Liverpool-based band Anathema, the latter considered as one of the biggest rock acts to have graced the stages of the Forum De Beyrouth.

The Band entered the studio in December 2006 (IQ Studios) and recorded their third album entitled ‘The third portal’, which was released in July 2007.

The Weeping Willow

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