Eileen Khatchadourian, born in 1978 in Beirut is an Armenian-Lebanese. She started piano and singing lessons when she was 6, at 8 years she performed in plays. She learned African singing in the Ivory Coast and is the first Lebanese-Armenian rock singer to actually perform in Armenian.

In 1996 she sang LIVE at a 3-day concert in duet with the Canadian singer Mario Pelchat and won the “Celine Dion” singing contest out of more then 200 candidates. In 1997 she recorded her first single “Lamma”, oriental jazz, EMC production.

In 1997 Eileen met Guy Manoukian, the famous pianist, and joined him as his soloist singer. They performed many times at the Assembly Hall, American University of Beirut, and appeared in many other events, in Beirut, Bahrain, Dubai, Kuwait and many other Arab cities. In 1999 for almost 7 years she performed with Guy, on stage and in his CD “Xmas through the eyes of Guy Manoukian”.

In 2000-2001 she performed in a Swiss-Lebanese production play, “Sindbad de père en fils” a play by Paul Matar, directed by Patrick Mohr, she sang in Arabic, they toured in Lebanon, Geneva and Paris.

She sang in Armenian at the Martyr’s in Lebanon, in April 2005, and also at the Dubai Jazz Festival 2006. In 2002 she recorded her first album ‘Abaka’, in French, with a touch of Armenian, ENZO production in Paris. The CD’s launching got interrupted because of the war in Lebanon.

May 2005 she performed with Ziad Al Ahmadiye, the famous Lebanese ‘Oud’ player and singer, with whom she performed for the first time in singing Arabic traditional songs, in Theatre Monot.

In Februray 2008, she performed, along with her musicians, at the international Dubai jazz festival, and on the 24th of April the day of the commemoration of the Armenian genocide, she performed at Snatch, in Beirut.

In September 2007, she started the recording session with her musicians, and in October 2008, that was mastered at the Abbey road studios, in London. Her voice is known to move people’s feelings and this is one of the major reasons why Eileen became famous, requested and loved by her audience.


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