Kimaera is more than a decade old. Arising from the Middle East, Kimaera was founded in 2000 by Vocalist/Guitarist JP Haddad, and is considered to be among the first wave of international metal bands coming from the Arab World. They have been described as the "Lebanese ambassadors of doom" and have helped put Lebanon on the map of the metal world.

The band makes original music with a distinctive style coming across as a combination of the members' different and various influences into a mixture of Symphonic/Atmospheric/Doom/Death Metal, with gothic undertones, resounding through melodic interludes of violins, pianos and occasional female vocals The music's graceful diffusion throughout so many genres is a hallmark defining Kimaera's style.

Kimaera released 'God's Wrath', a self-produced Single, in March of 2004. The release of which got the attention from Stygiancrypt Productions, which in turn led to their release of their debut album ‘Ebony Veiled’, in April 2006, which was labeled as ‘the Doom metal discovery of this year’, and ‘an admirable piece of work’, among other excellent reviews.

Kimaera's history is riddled with unfortunate circumstances that led to many setbacks on their path of getting recognition abroad. Everything, ranging from immigrating members, war and terrorism, to tyrannical censorship. However, despite all of these unforgiving conditions, Kimaera has released their second opus of Doom entitled Solitary Impact, with their first official music video, under the same label, Stygiancrypt Productions.

Kimaera's first show and live appearance in Europe was in MASTERS OF ROCK 2010, headlined by MANOWAR in Czech Rep. in July. MOR was a success. It introduced Kimaera to the international scene and were described as the 'black horse', and 'the most pleasant surprise of the festival'.

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