Carole Samaha is a Lebanese musician and actress. She has released five studio albums. Carole has a masters degree in acting and directing, which she has earned in 1999. She has won two Arab Music Awards

Carole was born in Beirut, Lebanon on 25 July 1972 to Antoine Samaha of Kenshara and Nouhad Hawi of Dhour Choeuir. Carole grew up with her parents, having only one dream since childhood, being on stage.

Carole says she used to ignore her studies in order to attend movies and plays behind her parents' back. She started her career as an actress in the theatre as well as television.

Arab directors have only great things to say about Carole's presence on stage. She smoothly changes from one state of mind to another.

Ever since she introduced herself to Mansour Rahbani, one of the biggest Lebanese and Arab composers, she experienced a turning point in her career as she shifted from Drama to Musical theatre, in a few years she achieved a huge success in female leading roles.

Carole today is considered to be a whole artist by the Arab Media.

Carole Samaha

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