BLOM Bank sal offers you “Darati” to help you finance the purchase or renovation of a house or apartment.


Minimum Down Payment: At least 20% of the price of the residence for Lebanese residents and a down payment of at least 30% for non-residents
Loan Period: 7 to 20 Years for USD & 5 to 20 Years for LBP
Interest Rate: In USD: 6.75% during the first year. LIBOR + 4% with a minimum of 8% during the remaining years. In LBP: The interest on LBP treasury bills for one year + 3% with a minimum of 10%.
File Fees: USD 100
Maximum Loan Amount: Up to 80% of the price of the residence


Applicant Nationality: A resident in Lebanon or a Lebanese Expatriate
Minimum Monthly Income: Monthly income must exceed three times the monthly payment
Career Status: Minimum of 1 Year work experience
Darati Loan at BLOM Bank

Addresses and Contacts

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    Bank Product of: BLOM Bank Central Bank Street Sanayeh

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    Bank Product of: BLOM Bank Ibn Sina Street Ain El Mreisseh

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    Bank Product of: BLOM Bank Gebran Tueini Square Tabaris

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