Do you want to but the house of your dreams? “Darati Subsidized by BDL” program is the answer.

Do you want to renovate your home? “Darati Subsidized by BDL”, The housing loan for your dream home!

BLOM Bank sal offers you “Darati Subsidized by BDL” to help you finance the purchase or renovation of a house or apartment.


Minimum Down Payment: At least 10% of the price of the residence for Lebanese residents and a t least 20% for non-residents.
Loan Period: 5 to 15 Years for LBP
Interest Rate: LBP: The interest on 40% LBP treasury bills for one year + 3%, currently=4.92%
Maximum Loan Amount: Up to 90% of the price of the residence


Applicant Nationality: A resident in Lebanon or a Lebanese Expatriate
Minimum Monthly Income: Monthly income must exceed three times the monthly payment.
Darati Subsidized by BDL at BLOM Bank

Addresses and Contacts

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    Bank Product of: BLOM Bank Gebran Tueini Square Tabaris

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    Bank Product of: BLOM Bank Badaro Main Street Badaro

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    Bank Product of: BLOM Bank Verdun Main Street Verdun

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