If you’re looking forward to going beyond your university degree, Bank of Beirut offers you an attractive package, the Post-Graduation Loan. By applying for the loan, you can expand your knowledge in your own field and benefit from their flexible financial plan: you can settle the interest during the first period of the loan, then start settling the capital (net amount) over the remaining period through equal monthly instalments. The Post-Graduation Loan comes with a host of benefits.


Minimum Down Payment: No Down Payment
Loan Period: Up to 5 years (interest: up to 2 years, capital: up to 5 years)
Interest Rate: 6% on USD and 7% on LBP
File Fees: No file fees
Grace Period: 2 years
Life Insurance: No life insurance fees
Maximum Loan Amount: Up to USD 20,000 or LBP 30,000,000


Applicant Nationality: Lebanese Resident
Minimum Monthly Income: LBP 1,000,000
Post-Graduation Loan at Bank of Beirut

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