With Bank of Beirut's competitive car loan, they have broken all records to make your dream car a reality. Benefit today from the most appealing features in town and get the keys of your dream car instantly.


Loan Period: Up to 5 years
Interest Rate: 3.9% per annum on New Cars and 6.25% per annum on Used Cars
Maximum Loan Amount: Up to 80% financing


Applicant Age: between 18 and 64 years old at loan maturity
Applicant Nationality: Lebanese Resident
Career Status: Employed or Self-Employed: Must have a stable income
Documents Required: - Identification card - Proof of residence - Proof of income: Employed applicants: authenticated salary attestation from employer Self-employed applicants: financial statements covering the last 2 years of business activity - Car mortgage in favor of Bank of Beirut s.a.l. - Car insurance over the entire loan duration - Life insurance covering the outstanding balance of the loan
Car Loan at Bank of Beirut

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