Towards the end of the year 1976 and, after almost two years of painful and destructive events particularly on the infrastructure level as well as the public institutions and ministries, which were at the time suffering from an acute shortage in human resources and equipment and, following the restoration of security through the presence of the Joint Arab Forces, the government found it necessary to create a new public body which would be able to carry out the enormous task of the reconstruction of Lebanon.

On the other hand, some friendly countries wishing to help Lebanon in its reconstruction efforts were in need of a reliable side to depend on when negotiating and to create channels through which this aid will go through especially that the Ministry of Planning ceased to exist.

Thus, the Council for Development and Reconstruction was established through Decree No. 5 dated 31st January 1977.

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Council for Development and Reconstruction

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    Army Street Downtown Tel.: +9611980096


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