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Formed by several students at Lebanon's famed American University of Beirut in the wake of the country's long civil war, The Kordz have risen to the pinnacle of the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean rock scene. The band’s current live lineup, Moe Hamzeh (Vocal), Mazen Siblini (Keyboards), Abou SOUS (Drums), Alan Azar (Guitars), Elie Akl (Guitars), and Tony Bou Ghosn (Bass), as well as Nadim Sioufi (Guitars) who is currently residing in Canada, is the product of several iterations and years of constant gigging, that ultimately stabilized with the current, road-tested configuration. "In the beginning we took anything," says Moe, looking back on those early days. "We didn't miss an opportunity to play. That included gigs at universities, as well as in Lebanese cities in the north and the south and - even shows in a war zone - at a United Nations military compound in the occupied South of the country.


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