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Papercup had the pleasure to welcome distinguished musician, conceptual artist, and writer Paul D. Miller, aka DJ Spooky, for a special audiovisual talk.

The artist also signed copies of his latest book, "The Book of Ice".

About the artist:
Paul D. Miller (born 1970), is an electronic and experimental hip hop musician, and writer based in New York City. His artwork employs a wide array of digitally created music and multimedia, in order to create a form of post-modern sculpture in the tradition of composers such as John Cage and Afrika Bambaata.
The first editor-at-large of ARTBYTE magazine, his articles also appeared in the Village Voice, Artforum, Rap Pages, Ppaper, The Source, and more. He is a Professor of Music Mediated Art at the European Graduate School.

About the book:
In The Book of Ice, Paul D. Miller applies his artistic sensibility, scientific curiosity, and sweeping perspective to his study of Antarctica, diving in and returning with an astounding remix of essays, music, photographs, interviews, architectural plans, and propaganda. The Book of Ice travels through space and time to tell the story of an uninhabited, nationless continent.
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About the talk:
A multi-media exploration of several themes in the book, looking at the physics of ice, and its relationship to the cultural response to climate change.


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