The Ministry of Culture encourages the Arts and cultural industries, protects Lebanese's Heritage and advances the public library system including assigning ISBN to Lebanese publishers.

The Ministry of Culture is in charge of the National Museum and other monuments; promoting and protecting the arts (visual, plastic, theatrical, musical, dance, architectural, literary, televisual and cinematographic) in Lebanon.

The Ministry of Culture was formed in 1993 according to Article 1 of Law 215 dated 2-4-1993. It was part of the Ministry of Higher Education and the ensemble was called the Ministry of Culture and Higher Education. The Ministry of Culture became an entity of its own according to Article 11 of Law 247 dated 7-8-2000 which decreed separation between "Higher Education" and "Culture".

In 2008, Law 35 dated 16-10-2008 was issued for organizing the Ministry of Culture.

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    Monday - Saturday: 09:00 - 13:00
Ministry of Culture

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    Mme Curie Street Verdun Tel.: +9611744252
    Tel.: +9611744251
    Tel.: +9611744250


Articles & Media

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Past Events

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