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Alice Mogabgab Gallery is pleased to present recent acquisitions paintings, sculptures and photographs exhibition "Avant-première ".

Amyuni RIMA, Lebanese, unevenly spreads out the greenery in her work "Nympheas" dating back from the year 1998, with circles and lines to evoke the flowers and their reflections on the water.

A large white canvas of the Lebanese Youssef Aoun is crossed by a cascade of hot materials stemming from the earth itself.

Pascal Courcelles, Belgian artist reveals a nocturnal encounter between two trees, stars, the crest of a mountain, and painting.

French artist Patrice Giorda illustrates a meeting once again: That of two rivers in “Le Confluent”, with acrylic on canvas. It is also the meeting of earth and heaven, or also that between two beings.

For Fadia Haddad, Lebanese, a bird whispers a bluesy melody to a mask.

For Beiruti Houda Kassatly, creator of “between destruction and reconstruction”, old houses in the capital are photographed in their last moments after years of war, and before the ravages of peace.

Black and white, two colors to paint water, trees, wind and vegetation are the tools of French artist Caroline Lejeune.

Roger Moukarzel, Lebanese photographer, maintains the mystery around a male-female character dressed in a starry night.

As for Boulos Richa, Lebanese sculptor, his poetry seems to be a mechanical
move into space to confront the great warrior run by the Lebanese artist
Tanbak. In this rare painting of 1999, the male figure seems to arise from darkness.

The brushed steel of Jean-Bernard Susperregui, French sculptor, plays on contrasts and oppositions, between the empty and the full, the open and the closed, and the static and the dynamic.

“Fagioli” by Luciano Zanoni is a climbing bean. Its intertwined leaves and fruits are carved in iron and dance with the light.

The works of Pascal Courcelles, Houda Kassatly and Jean-Bernard Susperregui will be shown in preview of their personal exhibitions in 2012


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