The Adventures of Salwa is a campaign launched by feminist activists. Salwa's goal is to resist harassment. Whether it was public in the streets or private at home and in all realms of Lebanese society, Salwa aims to create a society without sexual harassment.

Using her episodes, Salwa wants people to understand that harassment is not acceptable, and that harassers can’t keep doing it because women won’t let them, the law won’t let them, society won’t let them, and men won’t let them.

Salwa's campaign will conduct a series of discussions and focus groups with both women and men, to work on ending sexual harassment and repairing the damage caused by emotional, verbal, physical and sexual violence, rejecting violence and harassment, especially against people who are most at risk, be they working class women, gay men, transgendered people, and migrant workers among others.

Salwa Campaign will be also shedding the light on the importance of having a law that punishes harassment on a state level and in the workplaces.


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