Beirut Green Project is a dream; it’s a voice being raised to say that the Lebanese citizens love green spaces, and that they have the right to have these spaces in their city.

Beirut Green Project is a reaction to the uncontrolled sprawl of cement and buildings eating up their city. They believe in different modes of urban planning that take into account their basic human right to have access to more green spaces. It all started in 2010, on World Environment Day, with a very impulsive street intervention, which aimed to cleverly point out how ridiculously little green there is in Beirut.

In 2011, they decided to carry on with larger interventions and projects, which not only raise awareness but also aim to change this situation. They formed a small collective of individuals who are frustrated, motivated, and energetic enough to demand more. With all the love and support they have gathered, they are hopeful that someday soon, their dream will become a reality.

This blog is a space where you can all share ideas on how to green your grey city, and where you can share your interventions, events, plans and thoughts on how to make Beirut a greener place to be.

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