Sortie De Secours is a small chic bazaar in a relatively small boutique where you can find nothing and everything at all prices!

Their messy array of items includes everything:

For the wife, the most fashionable Parisian T-shirst, the most stylishly printed Lebanese I-shirts, some gold and silver jewelry, and the funkiest bags around.

For the husband, some unique and funny socks and underwear, funky colored T-shirts, and a few escapee Oakley items.

For the kids, I-shirts that match their moms', some funky necklaces made with colored candy, and the prettiest dresses around.

Random kitschy items such as photo frames, key chains, wallets, and hats are also available.

The whole is presented in a very homelike atmosphere where you can take a quick break and sip a cup of fresh orange juice, your favorite soda, or some heart-warming tea, all the while catching up on the latest gossip magazines.

  • Operating Hours:
    Mondays to Fridays from 10:00 till 19:00.
Sortie De Secours

Addresses and Contacts

  • Map

    Nahr Street, Facing SAAB Cars Mar Mikhael Mob.: +9613200620



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