Sawt Al Niswa (Voice of the Women) is a feminist webspace created and run by young women living in Lebanon.

Sawt Al Niswa would like to function as a pool of knowledge, hosting the various social and political commentary of women in the process of questioning the kind of feminist discourse they want to speak and express themselves through. The voice(s) within the website contribute to the construction of an Arab feminist discourse reflecting a spectrum of Arab reality.

Sawt Al Niswa highlights the vital need of women writing about their own past and present; it stems from an urgency to document women’s writing as an essential foundation of building a solid discourse It is a media tool reflecting the many attempts of Arab feminists in and her friends in the region to have their say.

Sawt Al Niswa welcomes submissions, essays, and artwork from writers, artists and activists from the Arab region. They welcome videos, photo essays, articles and essays investigating any topic from a critical point of view, of course that be perceived through a feminist lens.

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