Founded in December 2009 Probrandz is a Marketing & Communication services company specializing in providing turnkey solutions to companies seeking to empower, manage and leverage their brand equity for optimal competitive advantage, as well as increase their sales revenues and profit. From assessing the brand as per the industry segment, to the study of the market characteristics and competition, to strategizing, to drafting the marketing and communication plans, all the way through to implementation and monitoring, they work hand in hand with our clients to ensure maximum outreach and efficiency. Probrandz always strive to ensure that all marketing initiatives fall within the scope of work and budget allocated. Value creation is what drives them, and they believe that creativity and innovation are the backbone of their relentless efforts to exceed their clients expectations by providing relevant, cost efficient and practical solutions.

Probrandz belief that brand development & management today must be treated as a core strategic business issue for companies, stems from the fact that brand perception and brand equity largely influence customers’ behaviors and choices. No longer can brand-building & management be viewed as a downstream, sub-marketing or communications-focused activity, it has to be addressed thoroughly from a senior strategic business perspective and endorsed by all key stakeholders and decision makers.

What makes Probrandz different is that they are passionate, pragmatic, easy to work with, and determined to make a difference for every client.

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