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Beirut, October 18, 2011 – Over 200 people, officials, architects, clients and members of the press gathered in a breathtaking ceremony at Villa Sursock, to witness the unveiling of ‘Summerland Village’, the residential complex within the new Summerland Hotel & Resort Kempinski, the iconic project located on the shores of Beirut.

This residential village will be housing 73 luxurious apartments located in three different blocks (Palms, Oasis and Dunes) with customizable simplexes, duplexes and exclusive penthouses ranging from 106 to 695 sqm.

Guests mingled in the gardens of Villa Sursock that were completely transformed into a vision of Summerland past and present. Images of the project bringing the glamour and legacy of the old Summerland to life, events and memories created there, along with the famous waterfall, surrounded the attendees in a vintage setup. The new plans, renderings, amenities and the future phases of the project were then presented and shared with the guests, showcasing the ‘Jewel in the Heart of Beirut’, and the magnificence of what is to come, Summerland Hotel & Resort – Kempinski Beirut, and the Summerland Residential Village.

Summerland, the once renowned international hotel, closed its doors a decade ago. The new Summerland covering a total built area of 75,000 sqm, the new Summerland will serve as an unparalleled development of luxury and elegance within the city. Its concept goes beyond a mere resort hotel. It encompasses a rich offering of apartments, marina-life, amenities and a world-class hotel, run by the Kempinski. It will also revive its famous white and private sandy beach, nestled around a lagoon, complimented by the famed ‘La Cascade’ waterfall, along with a grand marina including a marina restaurant and a full serviced spa.

“They are pleased to be sharing with you a project of such magnitude,” said Mr. Walid Saab, Chairman & GM of SGET owner of the Summerland hotel. “With the new Summerland, they wanted to go beyond our dreams and expectations, they aimed to offer the public a lifestyle and resort that is truly a jewel in the heart of Beirut,” he continued.

The Village, with its luxurious 73 apartments will overlook the resort, pools and the sea. They are composed of 6 different floor plans which include: simplexes, garden duplexes and penthouses. In addition to the breathtaking architecture, full of lush greenery, the apartments will also benefit from premier servicing, from the Summerland Kempinski Hotel and Resort.

“The architecture of Summerland Kempinski is inspired from village life, where all residents can reside in harmony. Situated on the beachfront, it combines the internal charm of the village and the expansive beauty and enjoyment of the sea and beachfront,” commented Mr. Steven Martin on behalf of SDC, the Developer of Summerland.


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