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October 21-24, 2011: Come on down to the InShape Fair going on now at BIEL & stop by the booth to get your picture taken! - check it out, share, and tag your friends! -

After last year’s tremendous success, the third edition of In Shape , the health, beauty and fitness fair, will be taking place at BIEL

Lebanon is best placed to host such an event in light of the country’s strong positioning in the fields of health and wellness. Lebanon indeed boasts a very notorious reputation for its experience and expertise in fashion, beauty, health and plastic as well as esthetic surgery, thus making the country the ideal venue for IN-Shape.

The event is set to be a meeting point for people of different backgrounds, ages and genders who are simply interested in health, fitness, and beauty and seek to remain at the forefront of all new developments related to these sectors.

The primary mission is to showcase the latest trends, brands, mass market products and services, and all novelties in the well-being industry, appealing both to the general public but also to key industry players.


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