With a mission of “Provoking Ideaz”, Ideaz Factory is based in Lebanon and is focused on three core aspects of business life:

CEO Mentoring
Ideaz Creation
Intellectual Event Hosting

Ideaz Factory is also the representative office of HospitaliyBiz Global Executive Recruitment for the Hospitality Industry in the Middle East and North Africa.

Ideaz Factory’s CEO Mentoring brings the ‘best of the best’ to you. In focused groups of CEO’s (10 to 12), Authors of leading business books and internationally successful creators of strategies and concepts are selected to present to these small groups for an intense four
hour session, allowing CEO’s to interact and get to know these global personalities on a one-to-one basis while developing their contact network.

Following the success of several CEO Mentoring events such as Paul Niven’s “Balanced Scorecard” and The Best of Digital Marketing Show, our CEO Mentoring calendar for 2012 already includes events planned for March and May with Futurist Peter Fisk, advisor to companies such as Virgin and British Airways, and a one of a kind experience with Jack Canfield, author of over 30 international bestselling business books. Ideaz Factory is the first to market ‘CEO Mentoring’ in the Lebanese market.

Ideaz Creation is a unique service that provides B2B assistance to organizations for thinking. Whether it be strategically, organizationally or aspirational, we take the role of Ideaz Officer for a defined project or product and create an original solution.

Intellectual Event Hosting sees Ideaz Factory’s launch of its first edition of the Ideaz Prize, a campaign to encourage entrepreneurial youth between the ages of 16-30 to bring their ideas to fruition by offering them capital, mentoring and guidance, offices and legal advice. The Ideaz Prize will culminate in a one-hour televised reality tv-style show, sponsored by First National Bank, in collaboration with MTV and will continue on to become a mini-series in 2012.

  • Operating Hours:
    Mondays to Fridays from 10:00 till 18:00.
Ideaz Factory

Addresses and Contacts

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    Ground Floor, Naggiar Building, Corniche Naher Karantina Tel.: +9611571675
    Mob.: +96171919833


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Our firm was consulted on events management and digital strategies, extremely happy with the turnout. Their social media strategist is lively and extremely intelligent. My inspiration has been inspired to say the least!

Jason Semaan on Feb 10, 2012 via mobile web