AGONISTIK For Performing Arts - A.F.P.A -license No.908-19/05/2011.

A non-profit organization, founded by a group of students and graduates who have studied and worked under the direction of Nagy Souraty.

AGONISTIK for Performing Arts (AFPA) aims to promote theater and arts in general in Lebanon and the arab world, as well as to disseminate the principles of human rights.AFPA aims to promote the "Theater of the Edge" established by Nagy Souraty, an approach to theater which encourages the pursuit of excellence and strives for the betterment of one's self through the tackling of internal and external boundaries in one's personality. AFPA will seek to cultivate diversity and cultural tolerance using the power of live theater and workshops to expand the horizon of a more collaborative mindset. AFPA aims to establish itself as an axis in the evolution and dissemination of new methods of theatre in Lebanon and eventually growing larger.

AFPA aims to educate as well as captivate it's audiences with contemporary thought provoking topics, by exploring the aspects of the human psyche and using the unique features in each individual to foster a cumulative and harmonious working environment. AFPA will aim at putting on productions that tackle prominent and present issues that represent various topics in our current society as well as an exploration of the human being.

Agonistik For Performing Arts (AFPA)

Addresses and Contacts

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