Liliane Chlela a.k.a Queen Lil: a graphic design formed multidisciplinary artist living and working in Beirut.

Live Musician / Composer / Producer perceiving music from an avant-garde approach; Queen Lil's singularity is eminent through unusual sound treatment, complemented with distinct experimental hardware techniques and composition tools used in live improvised performances and productions.
Co-founder of hezbel taleta [a collective project united every Tuesday for an improvised session], Queen lil has had many collaborations with several artists such as Vladimir Kurumilian in various fields.

Latest: The DnB project is a live and improvised Drum'n bass trio including Fouad Afra on drums and Bashar Farran on bass; this newly born concept triad consists of a rare combination of electro-acoustic drum'n bass improvisation.

Her music is an experiment of sounds, speeches, beats and melodies produced through a rare amalgam of instruments, hardware and gears.


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